When is counseling necessary?

During therapy, you...

Any time you experience inhibition, pessimism, social phobia, interpersonal issues, antagonism, infidelity, anger, depression, financial strains, divorce, addiction, stress, dissatisfaction in life, perfectionism, or any other emotional impairment, you may feel that you need to seek counseling. I tend to assess for the extent to which your problem affects your ability to interact with others, to complete your daily activities and maintain order in your functioning. More important, though is that you have made an important decision to find professional help and make the move toward resolution and achieving balance in your life.

Talk about anything you want

Are freed from judgment or criticism

Work with a counselor one-on-one

Become aware of your obstacles.

Join a fight against your problems

Learn skills to address those problems

Set goals and paths toward change

Regain control of your life

Are expected to do homework


Healing does not mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life Akshay Dubey






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