How to start

In the past, my patients have called me because they are experiencing conflict with their partners or are emotionally unstable due to stress, depression or anxiety. By the time I receive the call, the usually have been in distress for a long time and want relief, quick answers to what they are experiencing, and they don’t want to feel judged. If this is your situation, please understand that it is my responsibility to help you achieve stability and figure out whether I am the right therapist for you. This is essential for the therapeutic relationship, but also for achieving success.


The next step is to complete the following forms and schedule an appointment online or via phone. Plan to spend at least 90 minutes in my office for your intake appointment. Each follow up session is 50 minutes in length. You can check my availability and schedule a session before you come to my office. To contact me, you can either call or text me at 910-777-5575, or send me an email at




  • Disclosure Form – This is a required document that explains my background and business practices.
  • Notice of Privacy Practices – This form includes  information about your privacy (HIPAA)
  • Intake Form – This form allows me to obtain your demographic information ask you about your presenting issue.
  • Online Therapy – This form allows me to conduct telemedicine and requires that you sign the form in person before we can start.
  • Adolescent Informed Consent Form - This form is for parents/guardians to give consent regarding the treatment of a minor.





Terms and Privacy



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