• Free initial consultation: I can  provide a 15-minute consultation or 'pre-screening' free of charge. During this time I will ask you to provide a brief summary of your current problem and also briefly explain my work to help you determine whether we are a good fit. Otherwise, I will refer you to another provider in the area. Rates can be discussed during this free consultation.


  • Sliding Scale: I do not offer a sliding scale, however, when requested, I am able to address economic constraints on an as needed basis and am willing to discuss affordable payment options for services at a discounted rate. I reserve the right to periodically adjust the fee such as in the case of using a diagnostic assessment tool for treatment planning. We will discuss fee adjustments and affordable options on a case by case basis and complete and sign a financial contract in the initial intake session prior to treatment and reassess as needed throughout the course of treatment. Discounted rates are at the discretion of the therapist and may be withdrawn at any time; you, the client, have a right to continue treatment at the current stated contractual rate or opt to terminate therapy.


  • Insurance and Reimbursement: At the moment, I am paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medcost. I will be taking Medicaid pretty soon. For other insurances, you will be asked to pay the full rate for each service before treatment begins and your insurance will reimburse you. If you have out of network mental health benefits you will likely receive reimbursement toward the cost of your therapy and I will be happy to provide you with a receipt at the end of each session. You can call your insurance carrier and ask for the amount you will be reimbursed. You may also need to know what information is needed to submit a claim, and if the services will be reimbursed if provided by a Mental Health Counselor. I will provide a receipt for services rendered at your request.


  • Type Payments: Self Pay. Among the benefits of paying out of pocket there is not having to deal with your insurance company, having freedom to choose the provider you want and not having restrictions in terms of the length of the service and benefits coverage; being able to find a therapist that meets your schedule needs. I accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and online payments via Stripe.  All fees are paid prior to the beginning of your session and you can prepay in advance. Sessions that go over 60 minutes will be pro-rated.

Standard Rates

Fee for Regular Sessions

Intake session (90-minute interview): $100

Individuals (53-minute session): $70.00; +30-minute add $35.00

Couples (55-minute session): $100.00; +30-minute add $50.00

Groups (90-minute session): $40.00 per person

Families (90-minute session): $150.00, +30-minute add $75.00


Healing does not mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life Akshay Dubey






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